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Gwinnett County Civil and Criminal Attorney

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We have a number of documents and forms available for use in the following legal practice areas:

  • Divorce (individual pleadings or full uncontested packages)
  • Name Change
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Real Estate (purchase agreements, leases, deeds and liens)
  • Civil Litigation (complaints, discovery requests and consent agreements)
  • Business Formation and Governance (incorporation, operating and shareholder agreements, and resolutions and minutes - either individual documents or packages)
  • Business Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Landlord-Tenant Agreements and Pleadings
  • Creditor-Debtor Agreements and Pleadings
  • A huge variety of other legal documents and forms

Over the now twenty-seven year course of his legal career, Mr. Bryant has drafted and compiled a huge archive of legal documents and legal forms. The documents and forms are regularly updated to either reflect changes in the law or to improve the functionality of their use. Although each document and form is subject to being further customized for use in a particular case or circumstance, our office uses most of the documents and forms on a frequent basis with great success.

To be sure, a legal "form" document is never a good substitute for an experienced lawyer! However, we have increasingly found that many potential clients simply can't afford the services of a lawyer or are otherwise desirous of addressing their legal issue pro se (on their own) if simply provided with some basic information or documentation. For those of you in that category, we can supply you with a wide variety of legal forms, pleadings and agreements with the caveat that none are intended to provide any amount of legal advice. Instead, they are being offered for sale and use only as service to those who specifically want to represent themselves in the particular matter for which a form-type document might be adequate. Additionally, the documents and forms are based solely upon Mr. Bryant's understanding of the general applicability of Georgia law. Each document should be considered only as a beginning point and then appropriately modified to fit the specific circumstance for which it is being used. If legal advice is needed in actually using the document or determining its applicability, we encourage you to seek formal legal advice from us or another qualified attorney. Alternatively, we will be happy to discuss possible representation by our office in your particular case.

The cost of each document or form is generally based upon its length. Please feel free to call us with your particular request so that we can confirm the cost of the requested document or package. Delivery of the document or form will be made at the time of purchase.

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