"Through prior years,I have dealt with other attorneys, but none have come close to the consistent standards that  Mr. Bryant exhibits in all my areas of business."

Billy Joe Dickerson, President
The Dickerson Group, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA

Second Conference Room at Russell T Bryant Law Office

Russell T. Bryant
Attorney at Law

One Culver Center
245 Crogan Street, N.W.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046-4863

Phone: (770) 822-0448
Fax: (770) 822-1610

  Testimonials by Clients of Russell T. Bryant Attorney at Law      

The following excerpts from "thank you" e-mails, letters and cards are representative of the comments made by our clients over the years concerning their experiences with the legal representation and personal services provided by Mr. Bryant and this office. You can also check out our Google, Linkedin, Avvo and other on-line reviews to see the extremely positive comments from our clients.

Add your own reviews by visiting: Russell T. Bryant - Trial Lawyer Reviews

"Mr. Bryant has proven through the years, and confirmed to me through his service, that he is and will remain the only Attorney that I will be calling on for legal services."
- Billy Joe Dickerson, President, The Dickerson Group, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

"We would highly recommend Russell as an experienced lawyer and aggressive litigator."
- Lige K. Sims, President, F.A. Sims Oil Company, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

"For me personally, and on behalf of my company, your performance and results have always been nothing less than stellar."
- Carey Dean, President, Esoteric Sports, Suwanee, GA

"His intense focus to understand the issues relevant to our company's needs and provide good legal advice has been an invaluable resource to our business."
- Todd Worlock, CEO, Floormax Flooring America, Lawrenceville, GA

"Russell exhibits a court presence that in my limited experience always left me dazzled and deeply impressed."
- Barry Hall, President, B&B Oil Company, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA

"Russell has represented our company for over 12 years and we are extremely pleased with all the work he has done for us."
- Charles C. Ray, Jr. Managing Member, CCM Homes, LLC, Lawrenceville, GA.

"He has an innate ability to litigate. He has made some of the opposition's witnesses our best evidence. It is a pleasure to see him work his craft."
- Kay N. Dooly, CFO, DSM Ductworks, Inc., Suwanee, GA.

"Russell turned a legal nightmare into an uncomplicated transaction that the seller and I could understand and agree on."
- Dan Davis, President, Partitions, Inc., Clarkston, GA.

"I must say you were a blessing throughout this process and I would very highly recommend you to anyone in need of a professional such as yourself."
- 2009 Criminal Client

"Because of Mr. Bryant's genuine concern and care for his clients he not only gets great results, but offers swift response and is unsurpassed in customer service."
- 2009 Employment Client

"I really don't know how to express my deepest gratitude for all you've done for me. My life has changed so much since I first stepped into your office a year ago... I am honored to know you."
- 2009 Divorce Client

"You have the big brother side that looks out for you, the fatherly side that tries to get everyone to work things out to everyone's benefit, the friend side that makes you feel as I can trust you with my secrets, and then the pitbull side when things get rough!"
- 2009-2010 Divorce Client

"By using word of mouth you can hear from others who have used him and they can tell you about how well he knows the law. If you ever read this Mr. Bryant, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!"
- January 2010 DUI Client

"Your expertise in your trade accomplished a reduction of my charges to 'reckless driving' and allowed me to keep my driver's license."
- February 2010 DUI Client

"Due to your precise efforts I was able to keep my job (and my girlfriend), remain a full-time student in college, and able to continue with my life in an ordinary fashion."
- February 2010 Underage Speeding Client

"After being served with divorce papers and finding out my wife wanted everything I had earned over the last sixty years, it was good to get help from a competent litigator."
- 2010 Maddox Divorce Client

"You were right in forcing me to suck it up and wrap up the case despite the circumstances. Justice will prevail due to your diligence and leadership."
- 1996-99 Campbell Divorce Client

"I think your experience on both sides of the aisle is a great asset to anyone in need of your service."
- 2010 DUI Husband and Wife Client

"Through the whole process, you kept me informed on what to expect and really provided a lot of detail regarding what my options were. In addition, I felt that your fees were quite fair."
- 2010 DUI Refusal Client

"Your professional advice and counsel helped me through one of the worst expereinces of my life. I sincerely believe that my rights were protected and I received the best outcome possible given the seriousness of the circumstances. Your support and professionalism made the difference. "
- 2011 DUI Ron Coggins

"In a word, AWESOME. His experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney was invaluable. What he said was going to happen, happened. He was honest and to the point. I would recommend him to anyone. "
- 2011 Criminal Client

"My words of gratitude will never be enough to express what you did for us in 2010... Her case has been dismissed... without you and your support this would had never happened."
- 2010 Criminal Two Clients

"I went through a bad divorce in which my ex "tried" to play dirty. But with Russell by my side, my ex did not have a chance. Russell is the kind of lawyer that sticks to the facts knowing that truth and honesty will prevail. I could not be HAPPIER about my final decree. Russell is the BEST!"
- 2010-2011 Divorce Client

"Russell was an excellent lawyer from start to finish. Before each step of the process he was clear in explaining his role, what he would be doing, and what I was to expect or needed to do. He was always very professional in appearance and conduct. His experience along with the time and work he put into my case was really shown at my hearing."
-2011 Criminal Client Kris

"I would definitely use his services again and would recommend him to anyone I know. If you’re looking for the best lawyer around, look no further than Russell Bryant!"
- 2011 Client Matt Stiltner

"After using another attorney for prior cases I can say that you are great at what you do."
- 2011 Criminal Client Cameron

"You are number one in my book and I will recommend you to others in such cases."
- 2011 Civil Client Goss

"As with the first trial Russell was OUTSTANDING. He presented the evidence to the judge in the most professional manor and he protected me."
- 2012 Domestic Contempt Turner

"Excellent service! Taking care of everything! Very considerate to my time..."
- 2012 Traffic Barrow County

"Using his vast knowledge of the law Mr. Bryant was able to successfully get my case dismissed in a timely manner. Legal fees were reasonable, and I would not hesitate to retain Mr. Bryant in the future if the need arises."
- 2012 Dr. Holland E-Mail

"Mr. Bryant provided the professional advice and resources we required. We would not hesitate to seek or recommend Mr. Bryant's services in the future.”
- 2011-2012 DUI Client E-Mail

"I didn't think you could get me out of the situation I got myself into because of my record. But you did it, and now I'm a free man for the first time in four years. It feels great!”
- 2012 Gwinnett Criminal Client E-Mail

"You have no idea how appreciative I am to you for what you accomplished on my behalf in such a short period of time.”
- 2012 Cassels E-Mail

- 2012 Mike Jackson Corporate Services E-Mail

"If ever I can be of assistance to you in the future, rest assured I shall attempt to emulate the near perfection you showed in handling my legal issue.”
- 2012 Multiple DUI Client E-Mail

"I think it really helped that you knew everybody in the courtroom and they seemed to really respect you... I don't think anybody else could have negotiated a better result.”
- 2012 Saville Thank You Letter

"I was caught in an unintended situation and I am highly satisfied with the level of professionalism with which you dealt with my case.”
- 2012 Rahul Mishra E-Mail

"Mr. Bryant was not only up front and honest about the situation, everything he stated in the consultation came through on court day.”
- 2012 Criminal Defendant Client E-Mail

"Thank you for everything you did to counsel her and get the charges dropped. We are very grateful for your help. ”
- 2012 Grandmother Hope E-Mail

"Russell produced unbelievable results in an amazing time frame. He's a real life saver and I don't know what I would have done without him!”
- 2012 Smyrna Reckless Driving Client E-Mail

"Mr. Bryant's keen insight and review of all aspects of our case proved him to be the epitome of what a GAL should be for my child: honest, intelligent, and unwavering in his determination to discover the truth...”
- 2013 Google User Review GAL

"I have been extremely pleased with your knowledge of the law and the legal advice that you have given me over the last few years.”
- 2013 Mike Jackson E-Mail

"You demonstrated a genuine concern for my situation and provided a much more favorable outcome than expected.”
- 2013 Criminal Client E-Mail

"I loved the fact that he handled everything and that what he said I could count on actually happened.”
- 2013 Criminal Client Fulton E-Mail

"The results that Mr. Bryant produced in my case are nothing short of a miracle. I could have never imagined such outstanding results.”
- 2013 Criminal Client Dekalb E-Mail

"Mr. Bryant's knowledge and experience saved the day. Thanks for your help.”
- 2013 Criminal Client Gwinnett E-Mail

"He has made me a lot of money through the years, but more importantly, he has counseled me many times and helped save money by discussing how to avoid exposure in my business and when and when not to go after people that have done wrong by us.”
- 2013 Business Client Referral E-Mail

"Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your tremendous service. I really appreciate all that you were able to do for me and you would be the first person I would recommend to anyone with similar issues.”
- 2013 Gwinnett Criminal Client E-Mail

"We are definitely happy with the out come of this case... I like how you communicate clearly and to the point.”
- 2013 Gwinnett Civil E-Mail

"Needless to say I was blown away and could not have prayed for a better outcome involving the particulars with my case. Not only would I recommend you to anyone, I would not consider using anyone else.”
- 2013 Dekalb DUI Client E-Mail

"I am happy with the results and will gladly refer you to friends. Your deft and professionalism are at a high level!”
- 2013 Gwinnett Speeding Ticket

"We proceeded to a trial, and Russell did a superb job of representing me, which led to a not guilty verdict. I could not have been more happy with the outcome or job performed by Russell.”
- 2013 Gwinnett Not Guilty Client E-Mail

"I was extremely nervous and you helped me to understand the process as well as offering great advice to get the case finished quickly resulting in such a successful outcome!”
- 2014 Underage Speeding E-Mail

"I will forever be grateful for all he and his staff did for me. This could have been long process, but he made sure it was done correctly. I have great respect for him and his legal staff.”
- 2014 Divorce Client E-Mail

"I made a serious driving error, and with Russell's help was able to have the charge reduced to something that will not negatively affect my insurance or driving record.”
- 2014 Serious Traffic Charge E-Mail

"You did a great job - - timely, responsive, direct, professional, good-natured, and of course effective.”
- 2014 Gwinnett Client

"I was very pleased to witness your diligence and hard work as the case progressed. I am also very grateful for the extra effort you put forth on behalf of my case. I believe it made all the difference.”
- 2014 Gwinnett Client E-Mail

"If you are looking for an attorney, and want a professional, who will help you through the situation and do it all with your best interest FIRST in mind, then I HIGHLY recommend Russell.”
- 2014 Robert Brush Testimonial

"I'm truly glad that I chose Mr. Bryant to handle my case. I will surely use him for any future needs.”
- 2014 Sam Coleman E-Mail

"Your legal service was outstanding in every respect.”
- 2014 Criminal Client E-Mail

"As an attorney myself, I have high expectations for legal expertise and client service. Russell exceeded all of those expectations...”
- 2014 Mike Canaras E-Mail

"I was greatly impressed with Russell’s responsiveness, attention to detail and professionalism throughout his representation on my behalf. Russell is the definition of a good lawyer.”
- 2015 Mike Fawcett E-Mail

"The professionalism with which you handled my case and the personal
attention offered me during and after the proceedings are greatly appreciated.”

- 2015 Clough E-Mail

"I could not have come out on top like I did if it were not for [Russell].”
- 2015 Cobb County Suspended License Client

"Mr. Bryant was efficient, professional, and cordial - and most importantly achieved a very favorable outcome.”
- 2015 North GA Traffic Client E-Mail

"Russell got me out of the line of trouble and saved my license and also my personal record....”
- 2015 DUI Gwinnett Client E-Mail

For the full text of each of the above letters and e-mails, click on the following .pdf files:

The Dickerson Group, Inc. Testimonial Letter
The Dickerson Group, Inc. Testimonial Letter PDF File
F.A. Sims Oil Company, Inc. Testimonial Letter
F.A. Sims Oil Company, Inc. Testimonial Letter PDF File
Esoteric Sports Testimonial Letter
Esoteric Sports Testimonial Letter PDF File
Floormax Flooring America Testimonial Letter
Floormax Testimonial Letter PDF File
B&B Oil Company, Inc. Testimonial Letter
B&B Oil Company, Inc. Testimonial Letter PDF File
CCM Homes, LLC Testimonial Letter
CCM Homes Testimonial Letter PDF File
DSM Ductworks Testimonial Letter
DSM Ductworks Testimonial Letter PDF File
Partitions Testimonial Letter
Partitions Testimonial Letter PDF File
2009 Criminal Marijuana Client Testimonial E-Mail
2009 Criminal Marijuana Client Testimonial PDF File
2009 Employment Client Testimonial E-Mail
2010.Employment.Client.Testimonial.Ltr PDF File
2009 Divorce Client E-Mail
2009 Divorce Client E-Mail PDF File
2009-2010 Divorce Client E-Mail
2009-2010 Divorce Client E-Mail PDF File
2010 DUI Client Testimonial E-Mail
2010 DUI Client Testimonial E-Mail PDF File
2010 Underage Speeding License Suspension Client Letter
2010 2010 Underage Speeding License Suspension Ltr PDF File
2010 DUI Client Dental School E-Mail
2010 DUI Client Dental Testimonial E-Mail PDF File
2010 Maddox Divorce Client E-Mail
2010 Maddox Divorce Testimonial Letter.pdf
1996-99 Campbell Divorce Client E-Mail
2010 DUI Husband and Wife Testimonial Letter
2010 DUI Husband and Wife Testimonial Letter PDF File
2010 DUI Refusal Client Client E-Mail
2011 DUI Ron Coggins E-Mail
2011 Criminal Client E-Mail
2010 Criminal Two Clients E-Mail
2010-2011 Divorce Client E-Mail
2011 Criminal Client Kris E-Mail
2011 Matt Stiltner E-Mail
2011 Criminal Client Cameron E-Mail
2011 Civil Client Goss E-Mail
2012 Domestic Contempt E-Mail
2012.Cheryl Turner Testimonial.pdf
2012 Traffic Barrow County E-Mail
2012.Roger Green Testimonial.pdf
2012 Dr. Holland E-Mail
2012.Dr. Holland.Testimonial.pdf
2011-2012 DUI Client E-Mail
2011-2012.DUI Client.pdf
2012 Gwinnett Criminal Client E-Mail
2012.Gwinnett Criminal Client.pdf
2012 Cassels E-Mail
2012 Cassels E-Mail.pdf
2012 Mke Jackson Corporate Services E-Mail
2012.Mike Jackson. Corporate Testimonial.pdf
2012 Multiple DUI Client E-Mail
22012 Multiple DUI Client.pdf
2012 Saville Thank You Letter
Saville Thank You Letter.pdf
2012 Rahul Mishra E-Mail
2012 Rahul Mishra Testimonial.pdf
2012 Criminal Defendant Client E-Mail
2012 Criminal Defendant Client.pdf
2012 Grandmother Hope E-Mail
2012 Grandmother Hope.pdf
2012 Smyrna Reckless Driving Client E-Mail
2012 Smyrna Rekless Driving Testimonial.pdf
2013 Google User Review - GAL
2013 Google User GAL.pdf
2013 Mike Jackson E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Mike Jackson E-Mail.pdf
2013 Criminal Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Criminal Client E-Mail.pdf
2013 Criminal Client Fulton E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Criminal Client Fulton E-Mail.pdf
2013 Criminal Client Dekalb E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Criminal Client Dekalb E-Mail.pdf
2013 Criminal Client Gwinnett E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Criminal Client - Gwinnett.pdf
2013 Business Client Referral E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Business Client Referral .pdf
2013 Gwinnett Criminal Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Gwinnett Criminal Client.pdf
2013 Gwinnett Civil Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Gwinnett Civil Client .pdf
2013 Dekalb DUI Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Dekalb DUI Client E-Mail.pdf
2013 Gwinnett County Speeding Ticket E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Gwinnett Speeding Ticket.pdf
2013 Gwinnett Not Guilty Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2013 Gwinnett Not Guilty Client E-Mail.pdf
2014 Underage Speeding Charge E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Underage Speeding Charge E-Mail.pdf
2014 Divorce Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Divorce Client E-Mail.pdf
2014 Serious Traffic Charge E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Serious Traffic Charge E-Mail.pdf
2014 Gwinnett Client
_pdfs/2014 Gwinnett Client.pdf
2014 Gwinnett Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Gwinnett Client E-Mail.pdf
2014 Robert Brush Testimonial
_pdfs/2014 Robert Brush Testimonial.pdf
2014 Sam Coleman E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Sam Coleman E-Mail.pdf
2014 Criminal Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Criminal Client.pdf
2014 Mike Canaras E-Mail
_pdfs/2014 Mike Canaras E-Mail.pdf
2015 Greg Fawcett E-Mail
_pdfs/2015 Greg Fawcett E-Mail.pdf
2015 Eduardo Clough E-Mail
_pdfs/2015 Clough E-Mail.pdf
2015 Cobb County Suspended License Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2015 Cobb County Suspended License Client.pdf
2015 North GA Traffic Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2015 North GA Traffic E-Mail.pdf
2015 Gwinnett DUI Client E-Mail
_pdfs/2015 DUI Gwinnett Client.pdf

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